Rainbow Mountain 1 day hike

Rainbow Mountain 1 day hike

This trekking goes beyond physical effort and the challenge of climbing up to Vinicunca (the mountain of seven colors / Rainbow mountain Ausangate). Understanding the culture of the high plateau, the majesty and grandeur of Mother Nature and the beauty of the landscapes are a truly unforgettable experience. There are trips organized for prices below 90 soles. It is recommended to be prepared physically and mentally to fully enjoy the trekking journey of about 6 hours. Between up and down.

(Including transportation, guide, entrance, breakfast and lunch) although you can bargain the cost in general the average is  with what was previously included.

You can hire agency tours peru machu picchu in cusco. The trip starts at 3:30, when they pick you up from the hotel (if you are in the center) when you get there on a trip of approximately 5 hours you have breakfast and start walking for about 3 hours, the road is medium difficulty having flat areas , Mountains and puddles. You should wear warm clothes, gloves and a poncho for rain, as the weather changes constantly. The height is 5200 msnv, it is also recommended to carry trekking sticks. The road is beautiful and on arrival you can appreciate the colors of the mountain, you can eat something along the way. It is very advisable to wear hiking shoes like chocolate, water, fruit, and some protein. The return is smoother because it is lowered, Arrive you are given lunch and you go back to Cusco arriving at about 7:30 pm. A beautiful and attractive place without a doubt the mountain of seven colors (Rainbow mountain Ausangate).


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